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The company LTD ""Container Mir"

The company LTD ""Container Mir" " has all types of sea containers: 20 ft, 40 ft (standard and high) containers, 45 ft, used  and new.

We provide containers for export and import within the country and abroad.

Because we renew our range every day, the company "Container Mir" invites to cooperation new partners in the field of transportation and shipping of containers.

We will consider any offers  to purchase Your containers in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and other regions of Russia.

Your suggestions You can send on the e-mail: info@conmir.ru

Please specify:

  • The type of container,
  • The expected number of containers in the deals,
  • The location of the container,
  • The price
  • Your contact for communication

If You have any questions and would like to receive further information You can call by phone +7(812)3719607 or +7(951)6897495

Форма обратной связи

Просим Вас заранее сообщать о времени своего предполагаемого визита по телефонам 8 (812) 371-96-07, 8 (495) 999-13-52, либо заказав обратный звонок с этой странички. Предварительный разговор с нашим менеджером поможет сэкономить время и избежать недоразумений!



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